Southern Roadways Limited
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Our Infrastructure

 o   Running on a time schedule of routes to avoid delay in the transport of any consignment.

 o   Providing closed truck bodies to ensure safety of the cargo carried.

 o   Insuring all consignments carried.

 o   Advanced 5th Generation computing deployed into its operation amongst private sector
      transport companies.

 o   Providing on-line Round the clock Customer enquiry cell.

 o   Avoids plying vehicles during peak accident Hours(between 12,am and 3 am).

 o   Introduces LOGIQ (an On-board Data Sensor)

 o   Advanced Hydraulic Loading systems.

 o   Computerised loading and unloading.

 o   Majority (over 70%) of its offices located in rural areas.

 o   In-house R&D department which constantly improves on body design and other systems.

 o   Serving with over 580 offices in South India.

 o   Trailer to carry additional load and thereby minimise delay and conserve resources.

 o  Tachograph meter fitted on board each of its vehicles to constantly monitor vehicle       movement and speed invaluable for ensuring safety of consignments and conservation       of fuel.

 o   Tautliner bodies for easy handling and quicker transportation of consignments.

 o   Monitoring the maintenance of vehicles using advanced computing.


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